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Adirondack & North Country Association (ANCA)

ANCA is an independent, nonprofit corporation with a transformational approach to building prosperity across northern New York. Using innovative strategies for food systems, clean energy, small businesses, and equity and inclusion, ANCA delivers targeted interventions that create and sustain wealth and value in local communities.
Established in 1955, ANCA has grown in size, reach and impact to become a trusted leader and collaborative partner for community members who are working to build a strong, resilient and equitable economy in the Adirondack North Country.

ANCA grants supported Ward Lumber in becoming a worker owned cooperative. If you'd like to learn more about the opportunities from ANCA in our region check them out at their website: https://www.adirondack.org/

ANCA's Staff on a day out together.

Cooperative Development Institute (CDI)

This non-profit organization's entire mission is to build a cooperative economy through the creation and development of successful cooperative enterprises. They are doing the work of transforming the ownership of our economy so all people can meet their basic needs.

CDI was and continues to be a critical part of Ward Lumber's story in becoming a cooperative. If you'd like to learn more about their mission or get in contact with them check out their website: https://cdi.coop/

The wonderful staff of CDI at their annual retreat.

Cooperative Fund of the Northeast (CFNE)

Purchasing a company is a complex and daunting legal matter when it's one selling owner to one buyer. However when it's one selling owner to a worker-ownership that's even more complex and many conventional banks see it as too risky an investment. CFNE is a lender whose mission is to support the development of worker owned businesses. They have been a lender to many co-ops over the years including Ward Lumber.

If you're interested in their mission or would like to find out about their loans visit: https://cooperativefund.org/

CFNE's Board of Trustees in a group selfie

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