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[ Chicken Harvest Seminar ]

Only $25/person (FREE really): The $25 harvest seminar fee will be credited toward the rental per household of the poultry processing equipment for customers that qualify for its use by purchasing all of their feed from Ward Lumber.

To register, call Mollie at (518) 946-2110, Ext. 121 or

Register Online

This hands on seminar is for seasoned farmers as well as new or aspiring farmers. The educational event will offer the participant the opportunity to learn and participate in the on-farm harvest of meat chickens. The goal of the seminar is for attendees to add to their skills and/or acquire new skills to harvest their own birds on the farm. Seminar attendees will learn the proper, up-to-date techniques for:

Attendees will be using the poultry processing equipment available at Ward Lumber.

Other topics that will be reviewed are:

Class size very limited to be sure each attendee has ample opportunity to learn and participate. Registration is limited to residents of Clinton, Essex and Franklin Cos. Priority will be given to Ward Lumber feed customers and prospective feed customers. One person per farm is preferred and added attendees from the same farm will be given consideration if space allows. A wait list will be developed as needed.

Presenter: Jay Ward has raised various types of livestock on and off since age 8 and is currently raising chickens (meat and replacement pullets), pigs and alpacas. Jay has trained with skilled poultry slaughterers and many chicken farmers sharing the best practices and techniques for chicken harvesting. He assembled and field tested a suite of portable poultry processing equipment to enable farmers to more easily harvest their own chicken on their farms.

"Thank you so much for teaching and helping us do the birds. The equipment makes a big difference and I love the shrink bags."
Rob Hastings
Rivermede Farm, Keene Valley, NY • www.RivermedeFarm.com
"The Ward Lumber company has been an amazing asset to my chicken endeavor this year. Jay Ward has personally advanced my processing skills beyond what I thought possible in my first year. I can now process 80 birds per day by myself. Without the convenient use of a complete set of processing equipment provided by Ward Lumber Co I would not realize a profit this year. Jay’s help has been indispensable. The willingness of Ward Lumber to listen to my thoughts and change equipment accordingly has been outstanding. My first year raising birds wouldn't  be possible without Jay and the rest of his staff. Thank you Ward Lumber."
Josh Vibbard
Juniper Hill Farm, Westport, NY • www.JuniperHillFarmCSA.com
"I harvested two chickens last weekend. It went much better, thanks to you.
I really have to applaud your efforts. Your seminars are real eye-openers for many folks who take for granted where food comes from.
Keep up the great work."
       Saranac Lake, NY
"Participating in this helps with the process for me to do our own chickens. I liked everything about the seminar. Personable and hands on."
Plattsburgh, NY
"I appreciated the seminar very much, not only the topic but the way you presented it.  I learned a lot and felt more prepared when we harvested ours.  Having the equipment handy for people to rent at a very reasonable price was a god send, (smile). The whole process including cleanup took 4 hours.   I appreciated that you would think to have a seminar at all, but I hear you have many  other types throughout the year.
Thank you again. Take care Jay & Enjoy."
Plattsburgh, NY
"My primary reason for attending was experience so the hands-on was excellent since it covered the entire process. All the equipment worked great. For me the seminar was exactly what I needed (more hands-on with Jay talking me through step by step. The handouts were a nice touch. I’m accumulating a collection of materials that I refer to. Using the scales as the last step was also interesting since it was a complete end-to-end process."
Plattsburgh, NY
"We could not believe how much faster, easier, better using the processing equipment made the harvest of our chickens! We encourage everyone to take advantage of these great tools. We will definitely use it again next spring. Thank you Jay for teaching us how to use everything, and the showing us a much more peaceful, humane way to harvest our birds."
Tammy Tuper
Tuper Farm, Bombay, NY

Jay Ward teaches chicken harvest to Paul Smith’s College culinary arts students
as part of their American Gastronomy class taught by Chef Kevin McCarthy.

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