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January 19, 2018
Ward Lumber Crew - White Pine Mil - Ward Lumber

Ward Lumber Mill

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Ward Lumber - White Pine Mill - Jay, NYWard Lumber is one of the largest manufacturers of eastern white pine in New York State, producing 9 million board feet annually.

Our mill facility is located in Jay, New York. It is here that we saw, kiln dry, plane and grade pine to NELMA grade specifications. Ward Lumber supplies wholesale lumber in the northeast region and beyond. Customers, including our two Building Materials Supply locations, appreciate the quality and diversity of our Wood Products.

The technology used at Ward Lumber allows us to use virtually every part of each log, to mill timbers and boards to by-products. Equipment upgrades and a skilled staff ensure efficient production, quality products and superior customer service.

Ward Lumber buys White Pine Logs from regional Loggers. Select grade, #1 grade , and #2 - 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20' , and #3 grade. For Grade specifications, please request a Spec sheet by phone (518) 946-2110 ext 326. No logs will be bought without a prior verbal agreement.

Ward Lumber also leases Timber acreage for recreational purposes. Click here for a list of Available Parcels
Spencer Reynolds - Sales ManagerWholesale Sales Manager
Spencer Reynolds

You are just one phone call away from reaching our Wholesale Sales Manager, Spencer Reynolds, where you will receive the Legendary Customer Care that Ward Lumber is known for. Spencer has been on the Ward Lumber team for 20 years, where he has worked in a number of capacities including Store Manager for our Jay, NY location. Give Spencer a call and put his knowledge of the wood products industry to work for you. You can reach him by calling (518)946-2113 or emailing him at whitepine@wardlumber.com.
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Log Siding Pattern 1

Mill Facility

Metal Detector (Precautionary):
Before a log enters our sawmill, it must pass through the Rens Metal Detector. The detector can scan up to 36" diameter logs. The scaler can scale logs from up on a platform where the logs are more visible. This makes it much easier to grade the log. This state of the art unit is instrumental in assuring that only the best quality logs make it into our mills.
Ward Lumber - White pine Mill - Metal Detector
The logs that have cleared through the metal detector are loaded into the debarker. Bark is removed from logs up to 36". It also removes excess mud, which would otherwise be detrimental to the saw. The bark and sawdust are sold or used for fuel in our boiler. The band head rig receives the logs from the debarker. The headrig runs 40' long 14" wide saws on its pair of 6' wheels. The lumber then passes through an edger which rips boards to width. Thicker material passes through to the linebar resaw which breaks it down further. All lumber passes through a trimmer which cuts the boards to length. From there, they proceed to the green chain and are graded. The lumber is sorted, stacked and kiln dried.
Ward Lumber - White pine Mill - Head Saw
Our state of the art kilns have a combined capacity of 210,000. Our goal is to dry pine to a moisture content of 10 to 12 percent. A bi-product from the sawmill, sawdust is used to create steam to heat the kilns. Depending on moisture content, it can take from 1 to 12 days to dry approximately 80,000 board feet of lumber.
Ward Lumber - White pine Mill - Track Kiln
Planing Mill:
After boards have been kiln dried for the appropriate length of time, they go into the Planer Mill for finishing. Two 8" x 14" planers feed lumber through grading lines with double end trimmers. The lumber is graded again and packaged for deliveries. Our remanufacture operation is capable of producing clapboard sidings in many widths using our resaw. Ward lumber bags and sells approx 2500 shavings bags per week.
Ward Lumber - White pine Mill - Yates Planer