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December 15, 2017
Poultry Processing Equipment
for rent to Ward Lumber feed customers only.
Reservation Required


    APPPA Featured Article - Stunned by David Schafer
Jay with chicken

Chicken Harvest Seminar
When: Saturday, June 17, 2017
8am-two and maybe beyond Pack a lunch - $25
Where: Ward Lumber in Jay, NY

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Description: Description: plastic kill cone

Featherman Kill Cone Stand
Efficient, humane, and easy-cleaning, the all-stainless steel kill cone stand speeds up the processing and eases the handling of birds at the front end of your processing line. “It was the only thing keeping us from 200 birds per hour,” says Joel Salatin. Eight of our easy-cleaning, no back-out cones fit compactly around a swiveling stand of powder-coated stainless steel. Blood caught in the PVC trough below is easily removed and the trough easily cleaned. Turkey and moster broiler cones available upon request.

Featherman stainless steel scalder
40 gallon, propane fired, thermostatically controlled, Featherman stainless steel scalder (NOTE: requires an electric outlet for the t-stat control)

Featherman Scalder in use
Propane regulator
Propane connection requires no tools, includes a gauge to show approx. level of propane in your tank (tank not included)

Dear Jay Ward,

Thank you for providing the processing equipment. We have been raising meat birds on and off for the past 11 years. Previous years we have rigged our cones, borrowed a scalder from one friend, a plucker from another, and rounded up trash cans. This year for $43.20 and 4+ hours of driving time processing the birds was more efficient. Ward Lumber having this equipment and renting it to it's customers is a true service and I just wanted to say an extra THANK YOU!

Best Regards,
Grace McDonnell

Videos showing set up of Featherman scalder & shackles
And showing to entire chicken harvest process including bleed out, scalding, plucking and evisceration
Warning: some content may be unpleasant for some viewers


Poultry equipement set up
Poultry Processing
Equipment Layout

Dunking Shackles
Dunking Shackles to be used on scalder Shackles are spring loaded and balanced for easy dunking of four birds at a time.

Featherman Pro plucker
Simply scald chickens, then drop 4 or 5 birds into the tub.
In 20 seconds or less the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, no backache.
Capacity: 3 - 50 pounds of birds, optimum 30 pounds and approx. 70 birds per hour.
Evisceration table
Evisceration table
Folding 4' x 2' evisceration table (knives, garbage can & bucket not included)
Poultry drying rack
Portable Drying Rack
Great for draining the birds before packaging.

The goal of Ward Lumber’s Poultry Processing Equipment Rental Program is to help interested farmers raise birds without having to invest in expensive processing equipment that is only used a few times a year. We have set a very low rental rate to make the use of the equipment accessible to all farmers buying feed at Ward Lumber. Poultry Processing Equipment for rent to Ward Lumber feed customers only

Rental fee: $40/day (payable in advance) for all items (or any portion) below. No discount for individual pieces of equipment because the rest of the equipment can’t reasonably be rented to another farmer.

Deposits: $100 refundable cleaning deposit required for all rentals and is due on the day of rental or before. The cleaning deposit will be returned upon all equipment being returned at the end of the rental day and in clean and as rented condition.

A $25 reservation deposit will be required to reserve the equipment for rental on a future date. The $25 reservation deposit will be applied to the first day rental. Additional days of rental will require payment in advance. Reservation is required.

Rental Day: starts at pick up (most likely just before closing of the store) and ends 1 hour before closing of the next business or calendar day. Rentals for a Saturday use may need to be coordinated for hand-off of the equipment directly from one farmer to another on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning during the busy season.

Rental Availability Calendar

Poultry Processing Equipment Rental Agreement

What's included:
Kill cones (up to 8) for broilers with stand.
40 gallon, propane fired, thermostatically controlled Featherman stainless steel scalder.
      (NOTE: requires an electric outlet for the t-stat control)
      The scalder includes dunking shackles, float valve & tank pre-heater.
Featherman Pro plucker.
Folding evisceration table.
Chill tank(s)
Hoses and Ys to supply water to the scalder float valve, plucker & evisceration table.

What's NOT included:
Kill cones for Turkeys (available upon request)
Propane, propane is available at Ward Lumber in 20 gallon tanks.
Knives, really sharp knives are important.
Ice to cool the birds quickly.
Bags to store the birds. (shrink bags available for purchase at Ward Lumber)
Thermometer for checking the water temperature to be sure it is up to 145-150 degree range.
Spray nozzle for the hose at the evisceration table.
Electrical lead cords to supply power to the scalder and plucker.

Here’s a checklist for things you may need on chicken harvest day

Tips for use:

Scalder heating time:
   Plan the following approx. times to bring scalder up to temperature
   Cold tap water: 2 hours
   Hot (100 degree) tap water: 1 hour

CAUTION: Scalder produces LOTS of heat and hot water! Keep children and pets away from scalder! Keep plastic hoses and all flammable material away from the scalder at all times. Keep the chimney of the scalder clear at all times to allow as much heat to vent as possible.

Keep scalder out of direct wind as much as possible to minimize the robbing of heat from burner and a strong wind can blow out the flame.

However be sure to use the scalder in a well-ventilated area due to propane use.

Keep water off all controls on scalder.

Keep birds off feed for at least 12 hours to reduce size of the crop.

Add dish soap to the scald water to help release the feathers and get the hot water down to the skin.

Only use scalder cover in cool weather to prevent deterioration due to excess heat in summer.

When cleaning the plucker, you have to reach up into the chute and down underneath the spinning plate to pull out all the hidden clumps of feathers. Otherwise the plucker will smell really bad quickly!

Instruction & troubleshooting guides

Featherman Scalder Instructions

Scalder Troubleshooting guide

Dunker Instructions

Featherman Pro Plucker Instructions

Featherman Pro Plucker Manual