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January 19, 2018




Chicken Harvest Seminar - June 17th 2017

To register, call Kim at (518) 946-2110, Ext. 120 or register online

Chick Days are here again!
Please be ready one day prior just in case! We’ll keep you posted.
Chicks are available February thru September.
We sell baby chicks all year long!

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Freedom Ranger

Growing Instructions


Are the Freedom Ranger hybrids?    Yes a cross between 4 lines.

The Hubbard Red Bro broiler is a synthetic cross of four lines. The parent female has a "grandparent female" of line D and a "grandparent male" of line C. The parent male has a "grandparent female" of line B and a "Grandparent male" of line A. When the parents you have mated to produce the broiler it results in a specific combination of four lines that produces the most desirable broiler. If the broiler offspring are grown and mated as parents, the offspring will "segregate" into a number of possible outcomes:
   1. Something resembling the Red Bro broiler
   2. Something resembling each of the four grandparent lines (A, B, C, and D,) 3. All possible combinations of the four lines. It is not possible to predict the number of each offspring in each category. This is why we do not recommend retaining broilers and mating them as parents.

This is not a common breed of domestic poultry that will give the same performance as the Red Bro for that segment of the market.

The four grandparent lines have been selected for specific traits for many years and also for the ability to combine these traits in the most desirable way. The combination of four lines also allows for the maximum hybrid vigor in the offspring. That is the objective of a primary breeder. We did not select lines that would not "breed true" just to sell more parents.

Farm Tour
Attendees from the Ward Lumber Chicken Harvest seminar in Jay also visited Blue Pepper Farm and Asgaard Farm to check out their chicken operations. Pictured is Tyler Eaton, right, of Blue Pepper Farm talking about the chicken tractors they use for their organic pastured poultry operation.
Poultry Harvest
Jay Ward teaches Tammy Tuper to use the Featherman propane scalder at the Chicken Harvest Seminar held at John Tuper's Farm in Bombay, NY
Poultry Harvest
John Tuper (left) from John Tuper's Farm in Bombay inspects a freshly plucked chicken coming out of the Featherman Plucker at Chicken Harvest Seminar.
Poultry Harvest
Jay Ward demonstrates the use of the Featherman propane scalder at the Chicken Harvest Seminar.
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