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January 19, 2018

Hog Harvest Seminar

Ward Lumber
697 Glen Road
Jay, NY 12941

Class size limited to be sure each attendee has ample opportunity to observe, ask questions and learn. Registration is limited to residents of Clinton, Essex and Franklin Cos. Priority will be given to Ward Lumber feed customers and prospective feed customers. One person per farm is preferred and added attendees from the same farm will be given consideration if space allows. A wait list will be developed as needed.

Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012 Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012 Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012
Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012 Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012
Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012 Ward Lumber Hog Harvest 2012

Hog Harvest Ward LumberHog Harvest Ward LumberPresenter: Courtney Grimes-Sutton is a young farmer and a butcher who can help you approach the feat of getting a hog into your freezer. Courtney got into farming by growing and marketing vegetables with friends in the Hudson Valley for a few years in her early twenties. She apprenticed with a blacksmith, went to industrial welding school, and moved north to Essex Farm to test the waters of farming with draft horses. (which was awesome!) She was the butcher at Essex Farm for three and a half years, and has moved on to her own family farm in Keeseville with her partner, Asa Thomas-Train, and friends & family. And they’re really psyched! Located on Mace Chasm Road, Mace Chasm Farm will offer a full line of meat products and eggs to the area, and will distribute alongside Fledging Crow Vegetables and Juniper Hill Farm (providing beautiful veggies) and the new North Country Creamery at Clover Mead Farm (providing fresh Jersey yoghurt and raw milk). Court and Asa are building their on-farm butcher shop now. Visitors are welcome, curiosity around slaughter and butchery will be entertained, and Court is up for helping you with your home-raised animals.

For more info or questions please email info@WardLumber.com or call (518) 946-2216

Cancellation Policy:
In the event of a cancelation the tuition will be applied toward a future Ward Lumber seminar. No refunds will be given as expenses have been incurred and potential attendees may have been turned away. Thank you for your understanding.