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January 19, 2018


Forage Testing


Poulin Grain Goat Feed
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Green Mountain Organic Goat Feed
Goat & Sheep Mineral blockSWEETLIX® 16:8 Meat Maker® Mineral

Features & Benefits

• Loose mineral product in 25 lb. bags
• 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio Provides 100% of daily recommended amounts of trace minerals including copper and selenium
• Fortified with vitamins A, D and E
• Designed to supplement forage/ browse- based diets
• Highly concentrated formula ensures that goats get full amount of needed minerals and vitamins
• Very economical supplement for commercial goats

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Goat & Sheep Mineral blockALL-IN-ONE SHEEP & GOAT BLK 33#

Features & Benefits
• Highly palatable supplement block for sheep consuming low quality forages
• Specifically designed to supplement small ruminants for optimum growth and reproduction
• Protein, vitamin, and mineral supplementation in one product.
• No additional sources of salt or minerals required
• Delivers 20% crude protein from all natural sources
• Ideal for all classes of sheep
• Convenient, easy to handle 33.3- lb. block
• Weather resistant block requires no special feeders or bunks

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Hi Jay,
The goats are loving the Chaffhaye! I feed 2 lbs per goat in the morning when I put them out in the pasture. They attack the feed bowls and eat almost every bit of it up. A bonus is the goat I am milking has increased her milk production from 1 1/3 quart of milk per day to 1/2 gallon of milk per day. This is great since she normally decreases her milk production this time of year. I have read of others having similar increases in milk production with using Chaffhaye.

The goats are still loving the Chaffhaye. The milk production has stayed up which is a rare treat for this time of year. Also it's so much easier to take the goats out to their pasture in the morning because they basically run me over to get to the bins of Chaffhaye that I put out there. I don't have to guide them to the pasture anymore, I just open up their stall doors and they run out there by themselves. They used to run all willy-nilly and require an escort to get them to go where I wanted them. Now I put the pans of Chaffhaye down and they run straight out to them. Rose

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