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January 19, 2018
Forage Testing

Forage Testing

Forage Alternatives Article by Dr Tania Cubitt


Forage testing

Forage testing is a free service available from Ward Lumber for our feed customers and prospects. The testing is conducted through Poulin Grain and Green Mountain Lab. We can take forage samples from you hay when we are making a feed delivery or a farm call. We’ll submit the sample to the lab at Poulin. The lab will generate a forage analysis and the results can be used to balance proper diets for horses using the Equi-Balance program. The test results will show what the hay is providing for nutrition and a grain/feed diet can be determined to balance the hay for a complete diet. The balancing of diets can save expense of overfeeding and potentially adding unwanted weight to horses during low work periods.

Green Mountain Feed Testing Laboratory
Poulin Grain partners with Cumberland Valley Analytic Services Laboratory, Maugansville, Md to operate a full service in-house NIR feed analysis laboratory. Our Green Mountain Feeding Testing Laboratory supports our mill quality assurance programs, as well as provides extensive feed analysis on all animal feeds, back in a single day. These daily sample analyses are directly utilized to make the proper nutritional recommendations based on your feeds and your animals’ needs.

Equi-Balance Equine Diet Evaluation Software was developed by PHN and is used by all Poulin Grain field representatives to formulate diets to meet the specific exercise, growth, gestation or lactation requirements for your horses.

Contact us today regarding a forage analysis. Call or email at info@wardlumber.com

Green Mountain Lab
Green Mountain Feed Testing Laboratory
Roberta Royer – Lab Technician

Green Mountain Laboratory

Green Mountain Items Tested

Sample Forage Test Reports

Chaffhaye - Analysis results Green Mtn

Chaffhaye - Analysis results Cumberland Valley